Meet Our Staff

Please meet all of the Cambridge Ford staff! Everyone here lives by one simple rule - our customers deserve to have a stress free and informative experience at our dealership, right from purchasing a new or used vehicle all the way to service, parts and collision.

If you can't find who you were looking for using our department links below, please refer to our Contact Us page and one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly.

Our Team

Cambridge Ford


Helen Ta's Photo
Helen Ta
Deal Processing Administrator
Jennifer Chornaby's Photo
Jennifer Chornaby
Mary Lynch's Photo
Mary Lynch

Financial Services

Todd Hansen's Photo
Todd Hansen
Financial Service Manager


Jim Dano's Photo
Jim Dano
General Sales Manager
Adam Wissenz's Photo
Adam Wissenz
Used Vehicle Sales Manager
Stewart Harris's Photo
Stewart Harris
Assistant Sales Manager
Steve Orbst's Photo
Steve Orbst
Sales Consultant
Kevin Gallinger's Photo
Kevin Gallinger
Sales Consultant
Ryan Leith's Photo
Ryan Leith
Commercial Sales Manager
Guenther Breckner's Photo
Guenther Breckner
Commercial Sales Consultant


Scott Tonelli's Photo
Scott Tonelli
Service Manager
Becky Stever's Photo
Becky Stever
Service Advisor
Jennifer Detzler's Photo
Jennifer Detzler
Service Appointment Coordinator
Karl Kump's Photo
Karl Kump
Automotive Technician
Shane Mckenna's Photo
Shane Mckenna
Automotive Technician
Mike Boskovic's Photo
Mike Boskovic
Automotive Technician
Mick Bidwell's Photo
Mick Bidwell
Automotive Technician
Matt Gregg's Photo
Matt Gregg
Automotive Technician
Kieran Archer's Photo
Kieran Archer
Automotive Technician
Colby Ugolini-Knee's Photo
Colby Ugolini-Knee
Automotive Technician
James Christopherson's Photo
James Christopherson
Automotive Technician
Mike Winlow's Photo
Mike Winlow
Automotive Technician
Ethan Fleet's Photo
Ethan Fleet
Automotive Technician
Terry Fletcher's Photo
Terry Fletcher

Parts & Assessories

Mark Blaine's Photo
Mark Blaine
Parts Manager
Steve Shrubsall's Photo
Steve Shrubsall
Parts Advisor
Keeton Collet's Photo
Keeton Collet
Parts Advisor
Kevin White's Photo
Kevin White
Parts Delivery Driver