Meet Our Staff

Please meet all of the Cambridge Ford staff! Everyone here lives by one simple rule - our customers deserve to have a stress free and informative experience at our dealership, right from purchasing a new or used vehicle all the way to service, parts and collision.

If you can't find who you were looking for using our department links below, please refer to our Contact Us page and one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly.

Our Team

Cambridge Ford


Shivan Beharry's Photo

Shivan Beharry

General Sales Manager

Adam Wissenz's Photo

Adam Wissenz

Pre-Owned Manager

Ryan Leith's Photo

Ryan Leith

Commercial Sales Manager

Dennis Epoch's Photo

Dennis Epoch

Service Manager

Mark Blaine's Photo

Mark Blaine

Sabrina A's Photo

Sabrina A


Jim Dano's Photo

Jim Dano

Operations Manager


Stewart Harris's Photo

Stewart Harris

Assistant Sales Manager

Kevin Gallinger's Photo

Kevin Gallinger

Assistant Sales Manager

Steve Orbst's Photo

Steve Orbst

Sales Consultant

Roney Benny's Photo

Roney Benny

Sales Consultant

Languages Spoken

Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi

Milos Vukosavljevic's Photo

Milos Vukosavljevic

Sales Consultant

Languages Spoken


Anthony Sarrecchia's Photo

Anthony Sarrecchia

Sales Consultant

Languages Spoken


Taylor Coulter's Photo

Taylor Coulter

Sales Consultant

Guenther Breckner's Photo

Guenther Breckner

Commercial Sales Consultant

Financial Services

Sal Minhas's Photo

Sal Minhas

Financial Services Manager

Languages Spoken

Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi

Noah Legge's Photo

Noah Legge

Financial Services Manager


Becky S's Photo

Becky S

Service Advisor

Brandon Lupkoski's Photo

Brandon Lupkoski

Service Advisor

Ashley K's Photo

Ashley K

Service Advisor

Leilani B's Photo

Leilani B

Appointment Co-ordinator

Macario Vichel-Chavez's Photo

Macario Vichel-Chavez


Languages Spoken


Bayard Pascary's Photo

Bayard Pascary


Languages Spoken


Anton S's Photo

Anton S


Dave M's Photo

Dave M



Steve Shrubsall's Photo

Steve Shrubsall

Parts Advisor

Keeton Collet's Photo

Keeton Collet

Parts Advisor

Mike Grant's Photo

Mike Grant

Parts Advisor

Richard's Photo


Parts Driver


Jennifer C's Photo

Jennifer C


Mary L's Photo

Mary L

Sales Co-ordinator

Nathaniel Stacey's Photo

Nathaniel Stacey

Deal Clerk