Cambridge Ford Wheel Alignment

Two-wheel alignment & Four-wheel alignment

Is your Ford vehicle steering performing as it should? Have you noticed any steering irregularities or uneven tire wear? Then it may be time to have your two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles wheels aligned. It may very well be time to have your alignment checked and corrected. Here at Cambridge Ford in Cambridge, Ontario, we have experienced, courteous technicians who are pros at servicing vehicles just like yours, no matter whether your vehicle is a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Come in today for your wheel alignment!

Common Questions Regarding Wheel Alignment Services

Many customers wonder what a wheel alignment is and why they need it. Your Ford vehicle was manufactured with specific alignments required in the wheels to ensure proper steering and performance. It is recommended to have your wheel alignment checked regularly to ensure proper alignment. However, some symptoms may indicate that your wheels are out of alignment. This includes your car pulling to the left or right as you drive. This can indicate your front wheels are out of alignment and are affecting your car steering. Your tires can also develop uneven wear patterns on the tread if your wheels are out of alignment.

If you experience any of these symptoms bring your vehicle in for service and our trained technicians will examine your two-wheel or four-wheel alignment using our state of the art equipment and facility.

Cambridge Ford Service Department

Our expert technicians have been helping customers in Cambridge, Ontario and the surrounding areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph for years! You and your Ford vehicle are in good hands at Cambridge Ford.

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